Protecting and Enhancing Real Property Investments
in Southwest Montana

Alpine Property Management offers peace of mind to second homeowners in Southwest Montana, protecting and enhancing their valuable assets while they’re away. Founded in 2001, Alpine is the most experienced high-end home management service in the area, serving more than 140 homes in Spanish Peaks and across Big Sky.

We’re a local, veteran-owned, Big Sky-based service provider and we take our local commitment seriously. All of our team members live locally and are deeply connected to the Southwest Montana community and way of life — both in client service and our personal relationships.

Meet the Team

Dave Buckingham

Owner & General Manager

Greg Kueneke

Chief of Private Home Management

Chris Rennau

Lead Property Manager

Josh Cantrell

Lead Property Manager

Josiah Kiehl

Lead Property Manager

Alex Henry

Assistant Property Manager

Regan Teat

VRBO Operations Manager

Kara Dubec-Hunter

Office Manager

Scott Wagner

Chief of Maintenance Project Management

Gunnar Kolstad

Maintenance Tech

Zack O'Bryant

Maintenance Tech

Grant Jardine

Chief of HOA Management

Bryan Spinelli

HOA Operations Manager

Adam Prall

HOA Portfolio Manager